I seek to explore the interplay between absence and presence, humanity and nature, and past and present.  Through my imagery, I invite viewers to contemplate the delicate equilibrium between human activity and the natural world.





Reflections //
Capturing reflections on windows and glass.

It was a crisp, sun-drenched day when I found myself drawn to the rugged beauty of the Marin Headlands. Eager to explore the hidden nooks and crannies of this picturesque landscape, I set out in search of empty buildings to photograph.

As I wandered the outskirts of the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts, my curiosity led me to what seemed to be an abandoned structure bathed in sunlight. The allure of its weathered facade and mysterious interiors beckoned me closer, but I hesitated to venture inside.

Unwilling to disturb the quiet serenity of the surroundings or risk trespassing, I lingered outside, searching for a vantage point to capture the essence of the building. It was then, by sheer chance, that I stumbled upon my technique.

Peering through a nearby window, I noticed the captivating interplay of light and shadow dancing across the glass surface.  I raised my camera and captured the mesmerizing reflection that unfolded before me.

As I continued to explore the Marin Headlands, I embraced this voyeuristic approach, allowing myself to become immersed in the silent dialogue between light and architecture. Each photograph became a testament to the hidden beauty that lies within abandoned spaces, a testament to the power of serendipity and the art of observation.


Parallel worlds

Central to my work is the use of reflections captured in windows. These images, merging perspectives from both inside and outside, converge to form a play of elements that interact dynamically. They exist solely within the confines of the two-dimensional surface of the window, serving as a transient portal that selects and melds fragments of the surrounding world into a singular image.

Despite being meticulously arranged in accordance with chance, the juxtaposition of these elements and their unnatural fusion infuse my work with a dreamlike or surreal quality—a deliberate effect that I seek to capture through. Rather than aiming to replicate reality, my intention is to fuse images stemming from the tangible world with the viewer’s imagination, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Utilising reflections as a creative tool, I strive to evoke the enchantment of a newly conjured mystical realm.

Capturing reflections on windows and glass is akin to glimpsing into a parallel world—a world where reality intertwines with the ethereal. As light dances upon the surface, it becomes a medium of transformation, bending and distorting the surrounding environment into a mesmerising tapestry of shapes and colours.

In these reflections, we find a captivating interplay between the exterior and interior, where mundane scenes are elevated to moments of poetic beauty. Each reflection is a fleeting tableau, a fleeting glimpse of life unfolding in its myriad forms. From the bustling city streets to the serene tranquility of nature, every reflection tells a story—a story of human presence, of fleeting moments frozen in time.

Through the lens of a camera, reflections on windows and glass become a canvas for artistic expression. It is a delicate dance between light and shadow, where the photographer becomes both observer and creator, capturing ephemeral beauty in a single frame. In these reflections, we discover a world of endless possibilities—a world where reality and imagination converge, inviting us to see the world anew.


Photographing two directions simultaneously, capturing scenes both behind and in front of me, presents a unique creative opportunity that invites exploration of multiple perspectives within a single frame.

With the camera positioned strategically, I find myself immersed in a dynamic interplay of spatial dimensions. Behind me lies a world of familiar landscapes, tangible elements that ground the composition in reality. Meanwhile, in front of me unfolds a vista of endless possibilities, where imagination intertwines with the tangible, and the ordinary merges with the extraordinary.


In this dual directionality, I endeavor to harmonize contrasting elements—past and future, reality and fantasy—into a cohesive visual narrative. The juxtaposition of these divergent viewpoints fosters a sense of continuity and interconnectedness, blurring the boundaries between the observed and the imagined.


Through the lens, I capture moments suspended in time, simultaneously revealing the beauty of the present and the potential of the unseen. Each photograph becomes a testament to the richness of our surroundings, a testament to the limitless creativity that emerges when we embrace the duality of our perspective.